Mentoring Circles™ and transition to the labor market

VHTO offers Mentoring Circles for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) students in the last phase of their study. Mentoring Circles are meant to support students in the transition from their study to the job market. At the moment, VHTO only offers Mentoring Circles for students of STEM studies in Vocational Education & Training (VET), but we are currently developing a Mentoring Circle programme for students in higher STEM education as well.

Although the number of women in STEM studies is increasing (both in VET and higher education), this increase is not as visible on the job market. Many female students don’t have a clear idea of their options after they graduate. They also indicate that they don’t know much about the variety of possible STEM jobs, and what a career path typically looks like in the technical sector.

VHTO has developed mentoring activities together with several VET institutions, in order to support women in the transition from education to profession, to decrease the drop-out of young women in STEM professions, and to increase their level of identification with a STEM profession.

Mentees are typically part of a Mentoring Circle from six months before graduation, until (up to) a year after entering the job market. The Mentoring Circles take place in groups, but it’s also possible participate in a personal (one-on-one) mentoring programme.

Mentoring Circles™ are a product of Inova Consultancy (United Kingdom). VHTO is the only organization offering Mentoring Circles in the Netherlands.