The Network Gender & STEM Conference 2020 will be held:
Thursday, July 30, 2020 – Saturday, August, 1, 2020 
at the University of Sydney – Camperdown Campus.

Hosts: Professor Helen Watt & Associate Professor Judy Anderson

The 2020 Network conference represents a partnership with the STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy to bring together researchers, educators, policymakers, industry representatives and the public to interrogate person- in-context influences towards, or away from, diverse STEM pathways across stages and settings. What are the needs for a STEM workforce of 2030? New, interdisciplinary drivers are transforming work and education policy and practice in response to social and environmental challenges and technological advancement. What is the role of STEM for the new work order, and how can we engage and prepare all young people including girls and women?

Themes will include:

  • individual, family, teacher and peer processes which impact STEM engagement and participation;
  • key factors and good practices to promote vs deter STEM engagement and learning within school, university and workplaces;
  • positive action measures: STEM initiatives, schemes, networks and organisations;
  • developments in STEM & preparing workers for the future;
  • the role of higher education institutes, government, industry, public policy and career development policies to enhance women's and men's participation in STEM research, commercialisation and public impact.

Keynote Speakers

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