2rd Gender & STEM Network Conference

Gender and STEM: What schools, families, and workplaces can do?

3 – 5 July 2014, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

Hosts: Dr. Rebecca Lazarides & Professor Angela Ittel

The first conference in 2012 focused on individual gendered pathways towards (and away from) STEM fields. In 2014, we highlighted the roles of schools, families and workplaces for supporting or constraining girls/women and boys/men to choose and persist in STEM, versus other pathways. At the 2nd conference the aim was to present empirical research and educational policies, concerning how individual and social aspects impact individuals’ motivation, attitudes, performance, educational and career choices and pathways into STEM fields. Complementary perspectives will address how such pathways can be facilitated at various points along students’ and young adults’ educational and occupational development.

More about 2rd Gender & STEM Network Conference

  • Conference book
  • Selected papers presented at the 2nd Network Gender & STEM Conference, are published across two interrelated Special Issues of the ‘International Journal of Gender Science and Technology’ in 2015/2016: